How to Extend your Ditch Witch Ride-on Trencher Lifespan

How to Extend your Ditch Witch Ride-on Trencher Lifespan

Buying ride-on trenching equipment costs a fortune. The best thing that you can to get value for money is having it serve you for the longest time possible. But you must also be ready to use it properly and also invest in the machine. You must ensure that you have the right wear parts for the machine. In fact, the saying a trenching machine is only as good as the wear parts is certainly true. One of the key components of the trenching machine is the chain assemblies which includes teeth and the sprockets. So how can you extend you ride-on trencher useful life? Try these tips, and you will be impressed by the results?

Select Conditions Carefully

The kind of the condition that you expose your machine to matters a lot. A mismatch between the digging components and soil conditions can be a huge problem to your trencher wear parts. What you need to check digging components and know the kind of conditions that they work the best. If the components are best suited for soft surfaces, avoid rocky conditions. Otherwise, you will be reducing the performance of the machines, and this will definitely reduce the lifespan of the same machine. By getting it right in selecting condition, it will help you reduce the rate of wear and tear associated with overworking of the machine.

Monitor the Chain Tension

You may have best and the right teeth and chain, but if the tension is not worked on, you will never get the expected results. To ensure that the machine is working at the best efficiency, then you need to keep checking the tension regularly. The best practice is to check the tension at least twice a day, especially if you are working in demanding conditions. Excessive tension can cause detrimental effects on you Ditch Witch trencher teeth and the sprocket. For the Ditch Witch Ride-on Trencher, the chain should be as loose as possible.

Repair vs. Replacement

This one thing that most operators get wrong. It is important to know when to repair Ditch Witch trencher teeth, sprocket, and other parts and when to do a replacement. If the parts have been worn out beyond repair, then you need to have it completely replaced. But if you perform regular maintenance, then what you will be dealing with most of the time is repairs. Not that continuing to run on worn out chain assembles puts the wear and tear and the rest of the trenching equipment. That is why you need to ensure that you have repaired or replace when necessary.

How To Tell When Your Groundhog Trencher Has a Problem

How To Tell When Your Groundhog Trencher Has a Problem

When it comes to digging trenches, then nothing works better than a trenching machine. They not only make the work easier but also deliver impressive results even in the most demanding situations. But just like any other machine, trenchers are prone to the wear and tear of parts, and that can easily reduce the efficiency and overall performance of the machine. If you are operating a Groundhog trencher, how do you tell when it has a problem? Here are signs to look out for.

Screeching Sound

It is a common problem that is associated with most of the industrial machines. If your Groundhog trencher is having such issues, then it could be a sign of interior damages, and you should get concerned. In most cases, screeching sound comes as a result of inadequate greasing or oiling of the Groundhog trencher parts. Some of the Ground trencher parts such as the bearing and other moving parts should be greased regularly due to their exposure to friction. If the machine is producing that sound, its efficiency could also be low. Therefore, you should always ensure that you have all these parts greased and regularly maintained for the machine to operate at peak efficiency.

Deteriorating Output

While a Ground trencher is new, its output is always impressively high. But with time, the output could start going down or remain at peak depending on how you are maintaining the machine. If you notice that your trenching machine performance is deteriorating, then you need to check on various parts. First, you should check the quality of the cutting tools, i.e. the teeth and other parts responsible for cutting. If the teeth are worn out, then that could be the reason why your machine is producing a low output. You should also check the condition of the sprocket and the entire trencher chain.


Fluid and oil leaks are some of the common problems with most of the industrial machines. But I most cases, they are treated as usual things, but they can have a devastating effect on the machine’s output and its lifespan. It is even more dangerous to the machines that make use of the hydraulics. So if you find that your Ground trencher is leaking oil or any other fluid for that matter, then you should get concerned. It should be repaired immediately before it gets worse or destroys other Groundhog trencher parts. Note that you also lose a lot of money through leaking oils.

Lowe Trencher Parts That Needs Your Attention While Buying

Lowe Trencher Parts That Needs Your Attention While Buying

Trenchers are some of the most versatile industrial machines in terms of application. They can be used in a vast range of sectors including the agricultural and construction industry amongst many others. Maybe that could be the reason why we have so many trencher manufacturers on the market due to the high demand for these pieces equipment. Among the manufacturers that have built a reputation in the market is the Lowe company. Lowe trenching machines are best known for their high performance and impressive efficiency.

But the quality of the trencher parts matters a lot when it comes to determining the performance and efficiency of these machines. So what Lowe trencher parts should you pay more attention to? Well, here are the key parts that you need to look out for:

Trencher Chain

The chain is one of the most critical parts of any trenching machine. Just like most of the industrial machines, trencher chain connects the trenching equipment with the engine or the driving force. Therefore, it should be able to transfer 100% of all the power that is produced by driving motor to the trenching equipment if peak performance is to be achieved. That is why you need to ensure that trencher chain that you are using is of the best quality and made from the highest-grade material. That is one way that you can get the best out of your Lowe trenching machine.

Trencher Sprockets

Do not ever assume the quality of the trencher sprockets even if they appear new. The quality of the sprockets matters a lot especially if you are working relative tough surfaces. These are very important parts of the energy transfer chain, and that is why you need to get the right quality and size. If the sprocket is of poor quality, then it will be difficult to get the best out of you Lowe trencher. You must also ensure that you have the right size for your machine to work effectively.

Trencher Teeth

Among all the parts of any trenching machine, trencher’s teeth are the most important to pay attention to. Depending on the kind of job that you are planning to do, trenching teeth plays a very critical role. Quality is what matters the most in this case. They should be made from the highest quality material. Steel body and tungsten carbide tipped teeth is the most preferred material for the teeth. This is the kind of material that guarantees high performance and longevity.

Genius Tips to Extend Vermeer Trencher Teeth Lifespan

Genius Tips to Extend Vermeer Trencher Teeth Lifespan

When it comes to matters lifespan of Vermeer trencher teeth, there is never a guarantee that the specified time is the actual time that the machine will remain useful. It all depends on how to decide to use your equipment. If you misuse you trenching machine, then you may end up reducing your trencher teeth lifespan.  But do you know that you can improve your Vermeer trencher teeth lifespan by extending it further than specified by the manufacturer? Well, the answer is yes. We’ve rounded up some genius tips on how to extend you trencher teeth lifespan:

Regular maintenance

Maintenance is one of the key factors that determine the lifespan of the entire trenching machine. Unfortunately, some operators do not take it seriously as it should be. If you want your teeth to last for long, it is essential that you get committed to regular maintenance. That means that you have to ensure that you have checked the condition of the teeth after every trenching task. That will ensure that the teeth are in good condition to work for the next task. It is through regular maintenance that you will be able to identify problems at their initial stages and have them fixed before it is too late.

Work on The Right Task

Every trenching machine and trencher teeth are designed to work on certain conditions. But some operators end up working on very tough tasks that the teeth cannot handle. They end up overworking the teeth and thus resulting in high rate wear and tear. If you buy Vermeer trencher teeth designed for soft surfaces, please don’t expose them to rock conditions. Get the kind of teeth that are designed for rocky conditions. So, make sure that your Vermeer’s teeth are used for the right task.

Experience Operator

One of the crucial things that most people forget is that the quality of the operator can determine how long the trencher’s teeth last. Operators are also key in determining the overall performance and lifespan of the machine. If you are the operator, make sure that you have been trained not only to operate but also how to utilize the machine effectively. How you can utilize your trencher teeth to the maximum without the exposing to much wear and tear.

These are three tips that will help you get the best out of Vermeer trencher teeth. Just adhere to them, and you will see your trencher’s teeth serve you for an extended period of time.

Key Case Davis Trencher Parts to Check for A Proper Maintenance

Key Case Davis Trencher Parts to Check for A Proper Maintenance

Having a good trench digging machine is one thing and having it produce good output is another thing altogether. There are numerous factors that you need to look out for apart from just fueling the equipment. The quality of the wear parts is one thing that you need to look out for. If you have a Case Davis trencher, one of the reputable brands on the market, the quality of the wear parts is crucial. But which Case Davis trencher parts should you pay more attention to? Well, here are some of the elements that could determine the performance of your equipment.

Trencher Chain Assembly

The chain assembly is a combination of various cutting parts that do the actual cutting work. Among the Case Davis trencher parts in this assembly include the long chain that also comes with various cutting parts that such cup cutter teeth, carbide bits and tube spacers amongst others. If your machine is to deliver excellent performance, then you have to make sure that chain assembly is in good shape. Otherwise, you will not only have a problem with the output but also costly maintenance.

Trencher Sprockets

The sprockets form a crucial part of the trenching machine. These are the key parts that help in transferring the power within the machine from the motor to the actual cutting parts. There are different types of sprockets depending on the kind of work that you are doing or the kind of machine you have. There are drive sprocket, auger sprocket, plate drive sprocket, idler sprocket and track drive sprocket. You must ensure that these sprockets are in good conditions always or you will have a problem with maintenance.


Well, these are some of the most ignored Case Davis trencher parts, but they are very crucial when it comes to the performance of the machine. It is also important to mention that the quality of the rollers greatly determines the efficient and the output of your milling machine. You need to have them checked regularly for the smooth running of the machine. If a replacement is necessary, make sure that you have gotten the best quality from Case Davis company.

Trencher Bearing

Bearing are very crucial for the efficiency of the Case Davis trencher. They are the parts of the machine ensures a smooth running of the machine also and more so reducing the rate of wear and tear of the moving parts of the trenching machine. They need to be greased regularly and be replaced when necessary.

Bradco Trencher Parts: What Look for In the Trencher Chain

Bradco Trencher Parts: What Look for In the Trencher Chain

Bradco has built a reputation in the industrial machine and tool manufacturing for the years they have been in the market. For those who have been using Bradco machines for some time now, they will tell you that this is one of the brands that never disappoint in terms of quality and performance. But just like the rest of the industrial machine on the market, the quality of wear parts matters a lot too on these machines. Among the most critical Bradco trencher parts that you need to look for to ensure that you are getting the best out of this machine is Bradco trencher chain.

You should note that there are various types of Bradco trencher chains on the market. So, what should you look for to ensure that you are getting the best out of your trencher Bradco machine:

Material Used

One of the most important things that you need to look out for is the quality of the material used in the manufacturing the wear part. Due to the tough conditions that these materials are exposed to, you need to ensure that they are made from the highest quality material. Tungsten carbide is the most recommended material. This is the kind material that offer the chain extreme toughness to ensure that all the energy produced by the motor or the drive unit is transferred with minimal losses along the way. something, steel alloys has also been proven a great option in some cases.

Longevity and Durability

Another key feature that you need to look out for is the durability of the trencher chain. This is very important especially if you are buying a used or refurbished piece of equipment. One of the key features that you need to consider is the quality of the material used and how long the part has been used. Get the best material, but at the same time, this Bradco trencher parts must be relatively new.

The reputation of The Manufacturer

Lastly is the reputation of the manufacturer. If you cannot find a Bradco replacement in your local store, then you might consider another manufacturer whose wear parts are compatible with Bradco trencher parts. At that point, you must be very careful with the choice of the manufacturer that you choose. Go for the manufacturer with a similar reputation as that of Bradco brand. Among the top brands to consider includes Bobcat, Trencor, Toro, Vermeer, and Astec amongst others. These are brands that will guarantee qualirt.

Amazing Features of Groundhog Trenchers

Amazing Features of Groundhog Trenchers

If you’re looking for the best quality trenching machine, then Groundhog trencher would be one of the brands topping the list. Groundhog has been on the market for some years now, and one thing that they have been consistent on is the quality of their product. Both groundhog trencher parts and machines are best known for incredible features. So, what are the main features that make groundhog products stand out from the rest? Well, we are going to discuss some of the reasons why you need to invest in groundhog trenchers:

Extremely High Performance

One of the reasons why most people prefer groundhog trenchers is their high performance. These are the kinds of machines that do not disappoint when it comes to delivering on any task. This can be attributed the quality of Groundhog trencher parts. The machine is designed to be super versatile most of all to deliver even in the toughest conditions. Whether you are digging trenched in rocky surfaces or any kind of sturdy surface, then you can be sure that groundhog trenchers will deliver incredible results.

High-Quality Wear Parts

Groundhog trencher parts are some of the best that you can find in the market. The company not only produces machines but they also produce a vast range of quality wear parts. Therefore, if you need to replacement to your worn-out trencher parts, then you will not have a problem getting the same quality as the original. That is one of the reasons why most people prefer groundhog trencher parts due to their quality and more so their improved performance.

Incredible Durability

Groundhog trenchers are designed with features that not only make them stand out but also enjoy an extended useful life. The company understands that you need to have the right trencher parts for your machine to deliver peak performance and at the same time extend its performance. For instance, some of the groundhog trencher parts such as the chain are designed with reduction drive chain tension system that ensures added durability features. Other parts such as drive shafts and rolling bearings also come with wear resistant features.

Lower Maintenance Cost

How about owning a trenching machine that has insignificant cost on your maintenance? Well, that is what you will be getting by investing in a groundhog trencher. These machines are designed high quality wear parts that are less affected by wear and tear. That is how the Groundhog machines have managed to cut on the cost of maintenance.

Tips for Choosing the Right Astec Trenchers for Your Need

Tips for Choosing the Right Astec Trenchers for Your Need

There are many types of construction types of equipment and one of them is trenchers which are needed if trenches are to be dug at construction or agricultural sites. You can look for such construction equipment from Astec manufacturers which are affordable as well as assure you good quality performance.

Different Kinds of Astec Trenchers

Let us now look at various kinds of this Astec Trencher and their specific functions so that it becomes easier for you to select the most appropriate one based on your requirements.

Chain Trenchers:

In this equipment, the digging chain does the cutting work and is driven near the boom. The benefit you have is that any hard ground can be cut quite easily. Some of the other features are that these can be used to cut both deep and narrow trenches plus the angle of the boom can be controlled by changing the depth of the cut. For work in large construction fields, these are essential, and you can also make use of a conveyor belt to get rid of any excavated material.

Portable Trenchers:

These are used to do any landscape edging and also to install different irrigation lines. If you are a landscaper or lawn curer, then you will surely like to buy one of them. The mechanism used in these for cutting purpose can be chain or blades where the blades are similar to kind of blades which are used in lawn mowers.

Wheel Trenchers:

If there is ground which is hard to cut using a chain variety then the next option are these. These have cutting wheels which assist them in cutting hard and also soft soil. Their wheel diameter is small, and the design makes it easy to control cutting depth. The main feature is that the tools close to the wheel can be utilized for adjusting the cutting width. Another great thing about Astec Wheel Trenchers is that they have ejectors which push out the excavated soil out from trench quite easily.

Astec Micro Trenchers:

These are ideal for use in urban areas with smaller trenches required. The minimum depth which can be achieved is 35mm, and the maximum is 550mm. Controlling them is also quite easy since these can be operated with the help of radio signals. The good thing about them is that excavated material is minimal and least damage is done to the road where work is being performed. You can also use them for cutting solid stone as well as hard grounds, and these are used mostly in road maintenance work.


Finally, we will say that if you are planning to buy construction equipment, then there are many options available for you at Astec Inc and based on your requirements you will have to select which one to purchase. Additionally, the provide Astec Trencher parts at an affordable rate.