Be Smart By Investing In Hot Forged Auger Tip Replacement

Be Smart By Investing In Hot Forged Auger Tip Replacement

Like in any other industry, being smart is crucial in drilling. You need to make smart decisions that will help you get the most out of your investment. The choice of wear parts is one of the key decisions you need to consider.  When it comes to augers, auger tips are some of the critical parts that you need to consider. There are various types of auger tips you can select from for replacement, and hot forged are some of the best.

Investing in hot forged auger tip replacement is one of the smart decisions you can make. That is because hot forging gives auger tips incredible properties that make them powerful. The technology hardens auger tips make them extremely powerful even in most demanding conditions. Here are just a few of the properties that make hot forged auger tip replacement powerful cutter tools:

High Resistance to Impact

One of the biggest challenges with drilling is damages from impact. The problem is common with rock auger tips and other augers working in hard conditions. Impact damages cutter tools by damaging the tip due to force. The tip may break or become blunt due to the force applied against hard conditions. But with hardened auger tips, you will have avoided this problem. Therefore, with hot forged auger tip replacement, you will have dealt with this problem once and for all. That simply means the cost of maintenance is significantly reduced.

Resistance to Wear and Abrasion

Wear and abrasion is another problem in the drilling industry. If you are sinking boreholes or foundation drilling, this is one of the biggest problems you have to deal with. Due to the hardness of the soil and heat due to friction as you dig deeper, the auger tips wear faster than they should. But with high-quality material for the auger tip, you can reduce the rate of wear and abrasion. Hot forged auger tip offers the best wear and abrasion resistance features. Therefore, you will find yourself spending less on repairing and replacing auger tips.

Longer Lifespan

For you to spend less in auger tip replacements, then you need to invest in quality. Quality, in this case, means the kind of teeth that will last longer. That means the kind of material and technology that is used for the construction of auger tips can withstand demanding conditions for long. That is what you get from hot forging. The technique hardens auger tips to withstand harsh and demanding drilling conditions. That is how the lifespan of auger tip replacement is enhanced.