This Is What Makes Plaisance Forestry Mulcher Popular

This Is What Makes Plaisance Forestry Mulcher Popular

You must have noticed that the demand for Plaisance forestry mulchers has been rising steadily in the last few years. But what could be causing this demand?  Here are some of the main reasons for this surge:

High Performance

One of the reasons why the Plaisance brand is growing fast in the market is their mulcher performance. You will like the level of performance these machines offer when operating at a normal rate. In fact, you will find the fact that these machines do not need a lot of power to produce high performance. That is because they are fitted with high-quality mulcher teeth that can cut efficiently. The use of the tungsten carbide material for the tips of their blades is one of the causes of the high performance.

Impressive Productivity

The high productivity of the Plaisance forestry mulcher is another reason why the brand has been popular all through the years. Because of the high-grade tungsten carbide mulching teeth, these machines produce high cutting performance. This is what then increases the productivity of the machine. The powerful motor that comes with these machines is also another reason for the high productivity. So, you can expect to mulch more wood with Plaisance forestry mulcher in a unit of time.

Low Maintenance Cost

Another reason why Plaisance forestry mulchers are growing popular in the market is the low cost of maintenance. The cost of maintaining mulchers can be high because of the high rate of wear and tear of the cutter tools. The quality of the machine is a factor that can also greatly affect the maintenance cost of the machine. But with the high quality that a premium brand such as Plaisance Forestry Mulcher comes with, the maintenance quality is kept low.

Durable Mulchers

The other factor that is making Plaisance forestry mulcher popular is durability. The manufacturer has invested in the best quality materials and manufacturing process, making it possible to produce some of the most durable mulching machines. This quality means high resistance to wear and abrasion, and that is what makes them more durable.

 Availability of Parts

If you look in the market, you will find Plaisance forestry mulcher parts. There are also many reputable aftermarket manufacturers, like JYF Machinery, that is produced Plaisance Forestry Mulcher parts. Therefore, in most regions, you will find their parts selling as originals, OEMs or aftermarket. So, you will rarely have a problem with nasty downtimes with Plaisance forestry mulchers.

Cautions When Selecting Used Hydraulic Shop Press For Sale

When it comes to selecting a used hydraulic shop press for sale, there are several things you need to take seriously. You need to be very careful to ensure that you are buying the right machine. You don’t want to buy an obsolete machine that has been cannibalized all the good parts and replaced with poor quality parts. Here are some of the crucial things that you need to consider.


Unless you are buying from a friend or a person you know very, you need to know the dealer. This is a very important factor to consider because not all dealers can be trusted. You need to check the kind of reputation they have built in the market. Do they have people complaining that they were sold bad used machines? Good dealers ensure only machines in good condition are sold.


The age of the used hydraulic shop press for sale is a very crucial factor to consider. Make sure that you are fixing yourself by buying an obsolete machine. Make sure that you have gotten the newest machines in the market. This will ensure that you are enjoying the latest technology as well.

Brand & Model

The brand of the machine and model are two crucial things to consider. Do not buy a brand that is not known in the market. Otherwise, you might get yourself a machine that is poorly manufactured. Buy a reputable machine and get the latest brand. This is because of the availability of replacement parts.

Maintenance Record

To avoid buying a wrecked hydraulic shop press for sale, make sure that you are supplied with the maintenance record. This is very crucial because it will tell whether the previous kept the machine in the best condition. It will also give you an idea of the kind of machine you are buying.

Versatility In Application

Don’t forget to check the versatility of the used hydraulic shop press for sale. Some of the old machines might have a problem with versatility in application. You need to know the range of the tonnage the machine can produce. Depending on the pressing you want to do, make sure the machine will meet all your needs.


check whether the machine is automatic and what percentage of the functions have been automated. This is an important factor, and it goes together with age. The more automated the used hydraulic press is, the better.