5 Common Mistakes When Using Plaisance Forestry Mulcher

There are common mistakes for not only the users of Plaisance forestry mulchers but also almost all machines. The most unfortunate thing is that most people think they are doing good or cutting the cost of running their mulching machine by committing. Do you lubricate the machine as recommended by the manufacturer?

This guide has highlighted 5 common mistakes that Plaisance forestry mulcher users commit and why you should avoid them. Check out the following tips:

Poor Lubrication

There are two main mistakes that most Plaisance forestry mulcher users make when lubricating their mulching attachments. First, they don’t carry lubrication as recommended by the experts and manufacturer. They just do it when they find out that the machine is making cringing sounds because of excess friction. The second mistake is lubricating but with the wrong oil. The manufacturer advises on the best lubricating oil, but most people go for cheaper options.

Poor Maintenance

Most Plaisance forestry mulcher users do not maintain equipment as advised by the manufacturer. As long as the machine is working, they will skip all forms of maintenance, including repairs and regular checks. Failure to observe maintenance routine promotes the deterioration of the machine. It increases the rate of wear and tear. Make sure that you have maintained the machine on time even if there are no signs of wear and tear.

Poor Parts Replacement

The other common mistake Plaisance forestry mulcher users make is making poor quality parts replacements. The machine initially comes with high-quality parts such as mulcher teeth from the original manufacturers. In a bid to cut costs, machine users are tempted to buy cheaper alternatives from other suppliers such as aftermarkets, which could be low quality. Get your replacement parts from a reliable supplier, even if they are aftermarkets.

Untrained Operator

This is another mistake that Plaisance forestry mulcher users make. They usually try to use the machines themselves even when they don’t have the skills. In other cases, they hire individuals who are not properly trained or very inexperienced. Operating a mulcher is more than just igniting the carrier and clearing the foliage or vegetation. You need a lot of skills to use them properly.

Over-working the Machine

Don’t use the machine until the engine is too hot that it can work anymore. Use it moderately without overworking it if you want to use it for many days. Over-use of any machine increases the rate of wear and tear.