Application of Weld-On Carbide Teeth

Application of Weld-On Carbide Teeth

Weld-on carbide teeth are some of the most powerful teeth that you can find in the market. From the design of these teeth to the material used for their construction, these are the kind of made from extreme conditions. They are extremely versatile in the application and in most cases, they are used for hard conditions. Weld on carbide teeth are not limited to any tip condition but are incredibly versatile in application. You can use these teeth in land clearing, drilling, and many other applications depending on the kind of machine you are using. Here are some of the main application for these teeth:

Land Clearing

Due to their incredible properties such as the ability to withstand tough conditions, weld on carbide teeth is widely used in land clearing. They are employed in almost all the machines that are used in the land clearing. The most widely used areas include the mulching of the vegetation where they are fitted in mulchers. They are usually used for the forestry mulchers which the kind machines that works on tough vegetation such as tree limbs. This is a kind of mulching that the typical mulcher teeth cannot deliver the expected result.

Apart from forestry mulchers, weld on carbide teeth are also widely used on the rock mulchers. Unlike the mulching of the vegetation. Rock mulchers work on the rocky soil where they break these rocks into small particles that can be used for farming or other uses. The common mulcher teeth cannot withstand such conditions thus making weld on teeth the best option.


Drilling is one of the machine intensive activities. Unlike the poling that may require sinking the holes that deep, most of the drilling including foundation drilling requires digging hard soil conditions. In such conditions, high-quality teeth that can withstand tough conditions are required, and that’s why weld on carbide teeth are some of the most recommended in the market. Due to the design of the teeth, and more so the joint, they can withstand hard drilling condition and record improve performance compared to most of the available options. So whether you are doing foundation or sinking borehole, these are the kind of teeth that you need on your auger.


Where the ground being trenched is hard and rocky, then you need to have the kind of teeth that can deliver maximum performance and productivity. That is what weld on carbide teeth does. They are widely used for commercial trenching.


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