Features That Make Flat Auger Teeth Great for Hard Ground

Features That Make Flat Auger Teeth Great for Hard Ground

If you are drilling concrete surface, frozen grounds, compact soil, heavy clay or asphalt surface, you need to have bets quality auger teeth. Fortunately, the industrial tools market has everything that you need your drilling. Among the most recommended auger teeth for the hard ground drilling is the flat auger teeth.

There are numerous features that come with flat auger teeth that make the popular. In this post, were are going to give of an overview of why these kinds of teeth are popular with hard surfaces or ground drilling. Check out the following:

Quality Materials

As drilling tools, flat auger teeth are constructed from some of the best quality material in the industry. That is due to the nature of the conditions they are exposed. The material ranges from castes of the highest quality to the heat treat steel material for the body of the teeth. The tip of the auger tooth is made from tungsten carbide. Note that the quality of the tungsten carbide also depends of the condition the teeth are used. Tungsten teeth for drilling concrete surface may be different from that of tough conditions.

Easy Replacement

One of the biggest problems that most operators deal with is replacing the wear parts. Some of the machine wear parts are extremely difficult to replace. That makes it difficult to for the newbies to or common operators with less technical skills difficult to deal with. However, with flat auger teeth, most of the manufacturers provide a one-step process that is easy to deal with. You don’t need to invest in a large toolbox to fix these auger teeth.


Investing in highly compatible teeth is one of the major benefits that contractors with a vast range of drilling tools enjoy. Flat auger teeth are some of the teeth that offers you incredible compatibility features. They can fit in almost all types of sprockets and wear parts. Therefore, they are the kind of teeth that can be used on a number of machines. High compatibility also means low cost of maintenance and operation.

Extended Lifespan

The overall lifespan of flat auger teeth is long. But you must ensure that you have invested in high-quality teeth first. Make sure that the teeth you are buying are constructed from highest grade materials. Heat treated steel and tungsten carbide are among the most recommended material for drilling tools. These are teeth that can withstand high pressure and are resistant to wear and tear. That’s the reason why these teeth have an extended lifespan.

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