Genius Tips to Extend Vermeer Trencher Teeth Lifespan

Genius Tips to Extend Vermeer Trencher Teeth Lifespan

When it comes to matters lifespan of Vermeer trencher teeth, there is never a guarantee that the specified time is the actual time that the machine will remain useful. It all depends on how to decide to use your equipment. If you misuse you trenching machine, then you may end up reducing your trencher teeth lifespan.  But do you know that you can improve your Vermeer trencher teeth lifespan by extending it further than specified by the manufacturer? Well, the answer is yes. We’ve rounded up some genius tips on how to extend you trencher teeth lifespan:

Regular maintenance

Maintenance is one of the key factors that determine the lifespan of the entire trenching machine. Unfortunately, some operators do not take it seriously as it should be. If you want your teeth to last for long, it is essential that you get committed to regular maintenance. That means that you have to ensure that you have checked the condition of the teeth after every trenching task. That will ensure that the teeth are in good condition to work for the next task. It is through regular maintenance that you will be able to identify problems at their initial stages and have them fixed before it is too late.

Work on The Right Task

Every trenching machine and trencher teeth are designed to work on certain conditions. But some operators end up working on very tough tasks that the teeth cannot handle. They end up overworking the teeth and thus resulting in high rate wear and tear. If you buy Vermeer trencher teeth designed for soft surfaces, please don’t expose them to rock conditions. Get the kind of teeth that are designed for rocky conditions. So, make sure that your Vermeer’s teeth are used for the right task.

Experience Operator

One of the crucial things that most people forget is that the quality of the operator can determine how long the trencher’s teeth last. Operators are also key in determining the overall performance and lifespan of the machine. If you are the operator, make sure that you have been trained not only to operate but also how to utilize the machine effectively. How you can utilize your trencher teeth to the maximum without the exposing to much wear and tear.

These are three tips that will help you get the best out of Vermeer trencher teeth. Just adhere to them, and you will see your trencher’s teeth serve you for an extended period of time.

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