How to Extend your Ditch Witch Ride-on Trencher Lifespan

How to Extend your Ditch Witch Ride-on Trencher Lifespan

Buying ride-on trenching equipment costs a fortune. The best thing that you can to get value for money is having it serve you for the longest time possible. But you must also be ready to use it properly and also invest in the machine. You must ensure that you have the right wear parts for the machine. In fact, the saying a trenching machine is only as good as the wear parts is certainly true. One of the key components of the trenching machine is the chain assemblies which includes teeth and the sprockets. So how can you extend you ride-on trencher useful life? Try these tips, and you will be impressed by the results?

Select Conditions Carefully

The kind of the condition that you expose your machine to matters a lot. A mismatch between the digging components and soil conditions can be a huge problem to your trencher wear parts. What you need to check digging components and know the kind of conditions that they work the best. If the components are best suited for soft surfaces, avoid rocky conditions. Otherwise, you will be reducing the performance of the machines, and this will definitely reduce the lifespan of the same machine. By getting it right in selecting condition, it will help you reduce the rate of wear and tear associated with overworking of the machine.

Monitor the Chain Tension

You may have best and the right teeth and chain, but if the tension is not worked on, you will never get the expected results. To ensure that the machine is working at the best efficiency, then you need to keep checking the tension regularly. The best practice is to check the tension at least twice a day, especially if you are working in demanding conditions. Excessive tension can cause detrimental effects on you Ditch Witch trencher teeth and the sprocket. For the Ditch Witch Ride-on Trencher, the chain should be as loose as possible.

Repair vs. Replacement

This one thing that most operators get wrong. It is important to know when to repair Ditch Witch trencher teeth, sprocket, and other parts and when to do a replacement. If the parts have been worn out beyond repair, then you need to have it completely replaced. But if you perform regular maintenance, then what you will be dealing with most of the time is repairs. Not that continuing to run on worn out chain assembles puts the wear and tear and the rest of the trenching equipment. That is why you need to ensure that you have repaired or replace when necessary.

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