Main types Road Milling Bits

Main types Road Milling Bits

Road milling machines are among the most complex industrial equipment in the market. Due to the nature of the activities that they carry out, road milling machines are designed to ensure that high performance and output. But they are also among the machines that are prone to the high rate of wear and tear. Among the most critical parts that enable road milling machines to operate optimally and deliver high performance are the road milling bits.

However, there has been a lot of confusion when it comes to road milling bits, especially in discerning the different types. It is important to note that there are different types of road milling machines and that is what leads to different kinds of milling bits for different kinds of grounds. Here are the three main types of road milling bits:

Asphalt Milling Bits

Asphalt milling machines are used for milling or repairing the asphalt surfaces. They work by removing the existing asphalt surface and replacing it with recycled asphalt. The method is known for its exceptionally cost-effective nature since new materials are rarely for the construction work.  However, they are very tough surfaces that require special kind of teeth. Asphalt milling bits are designed to work on such kind of surface. They are designed with tungsten carbide teeth to ensure the best cutting performance. These teeth are also known for their hard and tough steel body. It is important to note that these types of road milling bits are only best used on asphalt surfaces.

Concrete Milling Bits

These are unique types if road milling bits that are used on the concrete surfaces only. They are best known for their high performance and more incredible output in milling concrete surfaces. If you want to buy these teeth, it is important to note that quality is the number one priority. Their tips are constructed from the highest grade of carbide material, and that is tungsten carbide. Concrete milling bits are also constructed from hard and tough steel body while the brazing technology is used in making power joint between the tips and the body.

Cold Milling Bits

Cold milling is one of the road millings that is best known for its economical nature. It does not require the material to be heated. With cold milling, you can recycle 100% of the asphalt material thus making it extremely economical in terms of material. Cold milling bits are made from the highest grade of tungsten carbide material and steel. So if you are doing cold milling, this the best type of teeth that you need to make.

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