Reasons Why Your Greenteeth Stump Grinder Teeth Are Dull and Blunt

Reasons Why Your Greenteeth Stump Grinder Teeth Are Dull and Blunt

Although Greenteeth stump grinders are some of the best brand of machines in the market, there are not exempted from the common challenges facing other grinder brands. One of the main problems that most operators are dealing with is blunt and dull teeth. But this problem does not come instantly but develops over time before your teeth can’t cut efficiently anymore. But what really causes dull and blunt teeth? Well, there are various reasons that could be the cause. What most operators don’t know is that they also contribute to these conditions. Here are some of the reasons why;

Poor Maintenance

One of the reasons why Greenteeth stump grinder teeth could be blunt and dull is lack of maintenance or poor maintenance. But some operators take maintenance literally. They only look at the machine at certain intervals as stated by the user manual. But that is a huge mistake. It is during this time when you the problem develops to a point where the teeth cannot grind anymore. A stump grinder should be checked after every task and ore so the teeth. For the teeth to be blunt, it develops slowly with time, but if you can carry out maintenance regularly, you will be able to identify the problem and rectify it before it is too late.

Poor Replacement.

What kind of stump grinder teeth are you using? Well, some operators end up with poor teeth replacement without knowing. Some cannot tell apart fake and original grinder teeth while buying, and thus they end buying fake and low-quality teeth. Such teeth are prone to the high rate of wear and tear, and that is what leads to dulling and blunting of the Greenteeth stump grinder teeth. So, the best way that you can avoid blunt teeth is by ensuring that have made a quality replacement. The most important feature to consider is having teeth that have been tipped with carbide material.


How do you use your teeth replacement? Do you mind the type of wood that you are working on? The kind of wood that you are working on is a key feature to consider. Each type stump grinder teeth do well for specific types of wood. That is why the kind of wood that you are grinding determined the long run quality of the teeth. But some operators do not observe this. They grind every stump that they can across and that increases the blunting of the teeth. Select stumps carefully to maintain your Greenteeth stump grinder teeth in good condition.

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