The Benefits of Bradco Flail Mower

The Benefits of Bradco Flail Mower

If you want to clear some brushes or simple vegetation such as grass or weed, a mulcher would not be the best option economically. A flail mower would be exactly what you need to clear the land. They are a great alternative to the mulching machine. Bradco flail mowers are some of the best brands in the market. The company is best known for its incredible quality of their products. But what are the main benefits of Bradco flail mowers? Well, there are numerous benefits using flail mowers over common mulchers. Check Out this.

Ease of use

Compared to the common Bradco mulchers, these machines are less complicated when it comes to operation. They are very simple in that you do not require being specially trained to operate them. What you need is some basic tips on how to operate a tractor or the prime driver and you are good to go. The modern Bradco flail mower is designed to ensure they have delivered maximum output with minimal input.

Debris management

Unlike the Bradco mulcher head that offers little for debris management, flail mowers are designed with incredible debris management. The most interesting part about the machine is that it does not throw the cut debris up. Most of the debris is suppressed on the ground that does not come out thus making it easy for the operator to work with minimal interference.

Quality of Flails (blades)

Just like the rest of the Bradco mulcher teeth, these machines cutting blades are made from highest grade of material. The quality of the blade is, therefore, one of the best that you can find in the market. The flails are made from high-quality steel with the cutting tips made from the tungsten carbide material.  So you will enjoy clearing brushes with a lot of ease. That means you will spend less fuel and time in clearing any weeds.


Unlike Bradco mulcher teeth that are fixed and stiff on the mulcher head, flails are attached on a hinge. That simply means that they can be changed with a lot when you are switching from one kind of vegetation to the other. You don’t need high technical skills to replace a faulty flail which is not the case with the Bradco mulcher heads.

Less Maintenance Cost

Compared to other machines such as Bradco mulchers, flail mowers are smaller in size and thus they require less maintenance to keep them running. For instance, if one flail is damaged, you can have it replaced and not the entire head. The cost of a flail is relatively lower compared to Bradco mulcher tooth.

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