The Key Case Davis Trencher Parts You Should Always Pay Attention To

The Key Case Davis Trencher Parts You Should Always Pay Attention To

To get the best out of your Case Davis trencher or any other brands of trenching machine, you should focus on the major parts. These are parts that either do the actual cutting parts or have a direct correlation with cutting parts. In this article, we’re going to look at the key Case Davis trencher parts that you should give a lot of attention.  Here are key trencher parts that determined how your machine performance and output.

Trencher Teeth

Trencher’s teeth are among the major parts of the trenching machine. The fact that they are the actual cutting parts makes them prone to most wear and tear. They are likely to get worn out much faster compared to other parts due to the exposure. But it greatly depends on the type of the teeth that you are using. If you have carbide teeth, then you are safe from frequent sharpening. But if you have inferior quality teeth, then you should consider replacing them for better quality.

The Bearings

These are the parts that enhance the performance of the machine by improving the performance of the moving parts. The entire trencher chain relies on the bearing for smooth rotation, and thus the need to have these parts maintained properly. What the bearing needs the most if lubrication or greasing to keep them performing efficiently. But if they have cracked or completely worn out, you should have them replaced with new one.  You should also check the condition of the bearing assembly.


For the chain to perform efficiently, you need to maintain the sprockets in their best condition. But as part of the Case Davis trencher parts, sprockets are made from tough materials such as steel to withstand demanding conditions. But just like any other wear parts, they require being maintained to keep them good condition possible. They should be greased regularly to reduce the rate of wear and tear. If the sprocket is beyond repair, then you should consider replacing with a new one.

Trencher Shafts and rollers

You cannot underestimate the need to have good working trencher shafts and rollers. They are critical, especially for the chain to work effectively. You need to ensure that they are always in the best condition and firmly in place.

These are just a few of the critical Case Davis trencher parts that you should ensure that they are in the best condition. Make sure they are repaired or replaced when necessary.

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