These Are Application Weld-on Carbide Teeth Excels In

These Are Application Weld-on Carbide Teeth Excels In

Weld-on carbide teeth are some of the most versatile industrial cutter tools when it comes to application. They are also some of the highest performing teeth in the market. One thing that makes these teeth stand out is the quality that they come with. They are made from some of the highest grade material the market can offer.

Apart from the material used for the construction of the weld on carbide teeth, the most critical aspect of these teeth is the Joint. They have a joint that is formed by heating both the carbide shank and the steel body. Since steel has a lower melting than carbide material, it easy to insert the carbide shank into the melting steel body to form the joint. That is why it is very difficult for these teeth break and the reason why they are widely used.

But where do these teeth excel the most? Well, Weld on carbide teeth can be used in a wide range of applications. They are mostly used for demanding conditions where most of the teeth find it challenging to deliver. Here are some of the applications that weld on carbide teeth excels in:


Trench digging especially in the foundation drilling is one of the most demanding drilling works. In most cases, it involves digging rocky surfaces, and that requires special kind of teeth that can withstand both the high pressure and heat generated during the process. Most of the typical teeth would break making it possible to deliver under such conditions. That is why weld on carbide teeth are some of the most recommended options.


Piling is another machine intensive drilling that requires high performing drilling teeth to deliver excellent results. In most casing, piling involves drilling rocky or compact soil conditions which are highly abrasive. For the typical teeth, these are conditions that would increase the rate of wear and tear thus reducing the overall performance of the machine. That is another area where weld on carbide teeth would do a great job.

Ground Hole Drilling

If you want to sink boreholes, one of the critical things that you need to consider is the kind of cutter tools you have on your auger attachment. Note that the dipper you go, the rocky and abrasive the surface becomes. In such cases, you need to have the kind of teeth that can withstand such conditions. Weld on carbide teeth is some of the best alternatives that you can have.

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