These Are Signs Your Mcmillen Auger Teeth Needs Replacement

These Are Signs Your Mcmillen Auger Teeth Needs Replacement

If you are drilling using a Mcmillen drilling machine, then you need to consider the quality and the condition of the auger teeth by all means.  Due to the condition of the ground being drilled, these teeth are likely to be exposed to the high rate of wear. After some time of exposure to wear and tear, the teeth will be less effective, and you will need to make a replacement. But what will inform you that your Mcmillen auger teeth need a replacement? Well, we have rounded up signs that will help you identify when your Mcmillen auger bits needs to be replaced. Here are some of the signs to look out for:

Reducing performance

When you find that your machine’s output or performance is slowly coming down, then you need to check the quality of the teeth. Although auger performance depends on various factors, reduced performance is a key indication that your auger bit needs to be replaced. As the actual cutting parts, then you can be assured that their conditions matter a lot. If you start experiencing a reduction in output and the condition of the soil has not changed, then check your auger teeth. The teeth could get blunt and dull thus making it difficult for the auger to drill.

Engine Overheating

If you find that your engine is overheating, then don’t consider it not a usual thing. Overheating is usually associated with low efficiency, is usually related to poor drilling auger teeth that makes the auger. That makes the auger and the prime mover to work extra hard. In most cases, the blunt and dull teeth are usually the cause of the teeth. So if you find that you find that the machine is overheating, then you need to check teeth dullness or breakage.

Increased Fuel Consumption

This is one of the key things that most operators fail to consider while operating Mcmillen auger machine. In an ideal condition, the fuel consumption should be moderate. If you find that you are consuming more fuel than before and the soil condition has not changed, then it could be a sign of the poor condition. Inferior quality or worn out teeth causes the machine to overwork, and that needs more fuel. Replacing Mcmillen auger bits auger could easily rectify the condition. If you are observing an increased fuel consumption, then check the auger teeth.

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