This Is What To Expect From Carbide Tipped Auger Teeth

This Is What To Expect From Carbide Tipped Auger Teeth

Drilling is one of the land digging activities that require very effective tools and machines. Depending on the depth you are planning to sink, the ground becomes harder as you go down. That is why you need to have the best cutting tools to ensure that you are maintaining the highest cutting performance possible. Investing in carbide tipped auger teeth is the best decision for investors in the drilling industry.

So what should expect after investing in carbide tipped auger teeth? There are a couple of things that you get from this type of teeth. Here are just some of the main things that these cutter tools will offer you.

Improved Performance

If you have been using the typical teeth, then you can expect to get better performance from carbide tipped auger teeth. These teeth are designed to enhance the cutting performance, and that is the reason why the performance if the drilling machine is significantly improved. Therefore, you will be drilling more depth for the same time once you have these teeth on.

Higher Productivity

The productivity of a drilling material is determined by a number of factors. First, it could be due to the depth in cases of water boreholes or the amount for content drilled. If you are drilling mines, then the productivity will be gauged by the number of minerals you have mined. In both cases, the cutting performance of the cutter tools is one of the crucial factors. With carbide tipped auger teeth, you can expect to increase the level of productivity by a huge percentage. These auger teeth can cut very efficiently hence increasing the overall cutting performance.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

One other thing that you can expect from carbide tipped auger teeth is reduced cost of maintenance. In fact, the amount of the budget that you have been putting aside for the repairs and maintenance is significantly reduced. Carbide material offers high resistance to wear and abrasion hence reducing the over rate of wear and tear. It also offer high resistance impact hence blunting and breaking is very rare with these teeth. That is how you reduce the cost of maintenance.

Reduced Cost Of Fuel

With the high cutting performance, it simply means that less power is needed to do the drilling work. Therefore, the amount of fuel consumed by the machine is significantly reduced. That means more money in your wallets.

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