Tips On How To Sharpen Chipper Knives

Tips On How To Sharpen Chipper Knives

One of the things that you need to do to your wood chipper is maintaining the parts in the best condition possible. Among the crucial parts that you need to consider are the cutter tools or the chipper knives. One of the things you need to do after a period of use is sharpening them. This is a very crucial maintenance step.

But how do you sharpen your chipper knives? Well, there are several tips that you need to observe to ensure that your knives are properly sharpened. In this guide, we are providing you with some of these tips. Check out the following:

Clean The Knives

The first thing you need to do is to clean the chipper knives. Since the blades have already be used, there must be a lot of debris and saps from the plants building up. So, you need to clean them first before you can go to the sharpening process. Depending on the level of build-up, you can use water or water with soap. Once clean, leave the knives to sun dry.

Use Correct Sharpening Tools

The second thing you need to consider is the sharpening tools. This is where most people get it wrong. Some of the tools that you need include the belt sander, manual hand sander, angle grinder, bench mounter sander, wet grinder, and disc sander. Note that each of the knives comes with a different angle to the effective cutting of the wood. So you must have the angle grinder in the tools. Each of the tools has a role in the whole process of sharpening chipper knives.

Sharpen Slowly

One of the mistakes that people make is sharping very fast. This is a common thing when you have to rush against time. But this is not good for the knives because it increases the temperature at the tips. This weakens that the knives and could result in blunt or cracking tips. So, you need to do the sharpening slowly without a hurry. However, there are technologies that use cooling systems to remove the heat produced during sharpening. But if you are doing it at your workshop, do it slowly.

Balance the Knives

With the sharpening of the chipper knives complete, you need to place them back in their place. Balance them properly to ensure proper and efficient cutting of the vegetation. This is a very important factor to consider.