Why You Should Check for Impact Resistance in Pengo Auger Teeth

Why You Should Check for Impact Resistance in Pengo Auger Teeth

While buying Pengo auger teeth for your drilling machine, there are a number of features that you need to consider. Among the crucial things that you need to put into consideration is the impact resistance of wear parts. For starters, impact resistance is at the ability of the drilling tools to withstand high force or shock. This is a common problem with the drilling due to the hard surfaces.

There are many reasons why you should check for the impact resistance feature is because it comes with numerous benefits to the auger teeth. If you buy high resistance impact Pengo auger teeth, here are some of the benefits that you enjoy:

Extended Useful Life

Impact resistance is a crucial factor that significantly determines the lifespan of the Pengo auger teeth. If you buy tools that have low impact resistance, then you will always find yourself making a lot of repairs and replacement. That is because they cannot withstand the high force and hard conditions. When the auger teeth hit a hard surface, the edges or tips will become dull and blunt. That means you will have to keep sharpening them regularly to maintain the required sharpness. With time, the sharpening will not yield any results, and you might end up buying new teeth. It is also important to note that sharpening eats away the carbide tip.

Constantly High Performance

When you buy drilling tools, including Pengo auger teeth, they hit peak performance while still new. But with time, their condition will start deteriorating, and the machine performance will start dropping. But that is a sign of poor quality. The problems are usually poor impact and abrasion resistance. For a constant performance of the drilling machine, you need to invest in impact resistant Pengo auger teeth. That is how your cutter tools will be kept sharp for the machine to record a constant peak performance. Check how much of force the Pengo auger teeth can withstand before buying.

Low Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintaining a drilling machine is closely associated with the quality of the teeth. Most of the replaced drilling wear parts are the cutter tools including auger teeth. If you have teeth with poor impact resistance, then you can expect them to blunt a lot or even break. That is how the cost of maintaining the machine goes up. But with high impact resistant auger teeth, the cost of maintaining a drilling machine is significantly reduced.


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