Conditions That Rock Auger Teeth Excels

Conditions That Rock Auger Teeth Excels

Rock auger teeth are extremely versatile in application. They are the kind of teeth that can be used for a wide range of drilling conditions and demanding conditions. Whether you are doing foundation or poling, these cutting bits can deliver incredible results in different conditions. But are the main areas that rock auger teeth excel? Well, there are various drilling conditions where these cutter tools can work the best. Check out the following conditions:

Solid Rocky conditions

When you are drilling in extremely demanding conditions such as the solid rocky surfaces, you need powerful teeth that can offer the best performance. These are conditions that are extremely abrasive thus exposing your teeth to a high rate of wear and tear. That is when rock auger teeth become critical due to their incredible features that withstand such surfaces. These teeth are also resistant wear and abrasion thus making them perfect for such conditions.

Frozen grounds

Frozen grounds are some of the difficult surfaces to drill. This is due to the extremely low temperatures that make it difficult for the teeth do operate. Extreme low temperature causes high abrasion which is destructive to the teeth. Some of the metals cannot withstand such low temperatures with even experiencing a high rate of wear in such conditions. But the steel and carbide materials, which are used for the construction of rock auger teeth, can withstand such conditions.  That is why these rock auger bits can deliver excellent performance in such frozen grounds.

Clay and Compact Soil                  

Clay and compact soils is another area where rock auger teeth are widely used. Clay soil conditions can be extremely tough depending on the nature of the soil. In most cases, clays conditions and compact soils can be as tough as the rocky conditions. They can be extremely tough for the condition that the typical auger teeth may not be in a position to handle. You need teeth that can withstand the extreme pressure applied by the drive and the toughness of the compact soil.

These are some of the conditions that rock auger teeth excel the best. These are areas that are extremely tough and require teeth that can withstand such conditions. However, you must ensure that you have invested in the best quality material.


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