Signs Its Time To Replace Your Tub Grinder Hammer

Signs Its Time To Replace Your Tub Grinder Hammer

Even if you have invested in the best quality tub grinder, a time will come when you will need to replace worn output. However, replacing the parts is not a problem. The biggest challenge with most of the machine users is knowing the right time to make the replacement.

Knowing when you should replace the tub grinder hammer is the most important thing. You need to know when is the right time to avoid making replacement when there is still some lifespan left or wait until a lot of damages has been made. Here are the signs you need to replace your tub grinder hammer:

Poor performance

One of the signs that you need to consider replacing the tub grinder hammer is the reducing performance of the machine. You will notice that the grinder is drastically slowing in performance, and there is no approach that’s improving it, then you need to consider making a replacement. Reducing performance is an indication that a tub grinder hammer cannot cut efficiently anymore. Therefore, a replacement would be the best decision.

Reducing Productivity

Another indication that shows that you need to consider replacing your tub grinder hammer is a reduction in productivity. If your tub grinder machine cannot produce as it used to be, then the problem must be the cutting tools. Therefore, you need to find a way that you can increase the cutting effectiveness of the machine, and if that one cannot work, a replacement would be the only solution. Make sure that you have replaced the hammer with the right quality.

Uneven ground

Another sign that perhaps now is the time to replace the tub grinder hammer is uneven ground. If you are in the business of grinding wood, then you need to give the best quality by producing standard ground.  One of the best ways to achieve that is by producing even ground. If the tub grinder cannot offer that, it’s time to make a replacement.

Frequent repairs

If your tub grinder hammer has been requested frequent repairs, that’s an indication it cannot withstand the condition is supposed to. In such cases, you have no other choice rather than going for a replacement.

Reducing efficiency

If you notice that the tub grinder is consuming more fuel and time for the same piece of work, it means that it has become inefficient. In such cases, the problem is the cutter tools. That’s why one of the solutions is replacing the tub grinder hammer.

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