Why Shipping Time Matters In A Cold Forging Supplier

Why Shipping Time Matters In A Cold Forging Supplier

One of the many things that you need to look at in a cold forging supplier is their delivery record and reputation. The best supplier is the one that can supply within the shortest time possible. Therefore, before you can think of places, you need to know about the shipping time that the manufacturer offers.

The shipping time is the time that you have to wait from the placing of the order to the time you receive the forgings. This is a crucial period and a factor to consider because it can affect your operations in a big way.

When to Place

One of the reasons why the shipping time matters is because it will inform on when you need to place the order. A good example is if you already know when you need to replace certain parts, then you can learn when you need to place the order.

If you need to replace parts in a fortnight, and the cold forging supplier usually takes a week to process the order, you need to ensure the forgings are supplied a couple of days before the replacement.


The issue of downtime is a big problem, especially for the people dealing with heavy machines such as trenchers, mulchers, grinders, and so on. If the machine breaks down and you need to replace parts, then the shipping time offered by the suppliers is a critical factor to consider.

Managing downtimes is also determined by the shipping time. You will be able to tell the customer when operations will resume, and you’ll also be able to manage your workforce. If it takes a week, you can give your employees off days.


The productivity of your operation will be determined by many factors, and one of them is consistency in production. If you stall your operation because the cold forging supplier is taking longer to deliver the forgings, your overall productivity will be reduced. So, to maintain consistent productivity, understand the shipping time.

Cost of production

The cost of production can be influenced by the shipping time, mainly because of the labor. If you have a long downtime because of delays in forging supply, you will be paying workers for no work. Understand the shipping can help you manage the cost of production.

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