How To Tell When Your Groundhog Trencher Has a Problem

How To Tell When Your Groundhog Trencher Has a Problem

When it comes to digging trenches, then nothing works better than a trenching machine. They not only make the work easier but also deliver impressive results even in the most demanding situations. But just like any other machine, trenchers are prone to the wear and tear of parts, and that can easily reduce the efficiency and overall performance of the machine. If you are operating a Groundhog trencher, how do you tell when it has a problem? Here are signs to look out for.

Screeching Sound

It is a common problem that is associated with most of the industrial machines. If your Groundhog trencher is having such issues, then it could be a sign of interior damages, and you should get concerned. In most cases, screeching sound comes as a result of inadequate greasing or oiling of the Groundhog trencher parts. Some of the Ground trencher parts such as the bearing and other moving parts should be greased regularly due to their exposure to friction. If the machine is producing that sound, its efficiency could also be low. Therefore, you should always ensure that you have all these parts greased and regularly maintained for the machine to operate at peak efficiency.

Deteriorating Output

While a Ground trencher is new, its output is always impressively high. But with time, the output could start going down or remain at peak depending on how you are maintaining the machine. If you notice that your trenching machine performance is deteriorating, then you need to check on various parts. First, you should check the quality of the cutting tools, i.e. the teeth and other parts responsible for cutting. If the teeth are worn out, then that could be the reason why your machine is producing a low output. You should also check the condition of the sprocket and the entire trencher chain.


Fluid and oil leaks are some of the common problems with most of the industrial machines. But I most cases, they are treated as usual things, but they can have a devastating effect on the machine’s output and its lifespan. It is even more dangerous to the machines that make use of the hydraulics. So if you find that your Ground trencher is leaking oil or any other fluid for that matter, then you should get concerned. It should be repaired immediately before it gets worse or destroys other Groundhog trencher parts. Note that you also lose a lot of money through leaking oils.

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